The app is one of my favorites. The music is outstandingly good claiming at the same time. Well structured app.
— Casey Buckley, age 16
This is exactly what I needed! I have ADHD, and this app not only helps me de-stress when I get overwhelmed by classes and essays and exams, but also improves my ability to focus and be productive (aka something I majorly struggle with) when I do sit down and try to tackle my schoolwork.
— maybelline930, from the App Store
Meditation is a great way to start and/or end your day and this app leads you through multiple exercises. Helps with calming, planning, quieting your mind, finding inner strengths, coping, and building a repertoire of inner thoughts to help manage distractions throughout the day. Nature-themed visuals allow you to keep track and earn rewards. Love it!
— Martha S. Zlokovich, Ph.D., President, Psi Chi
I’ve been “playing:” for a couple of weeks. I like the fact that you can relax and calm but also get things like the boots and the leaves on the tree.
— Ennmmm from the App Store
I liked the meditations, even more so for adults. I love that you can change the voice and language in the settings.
— Camille Quinn, PhD, AM, LCSW
Peaceful, Reinvigorating and Powerful!
— Andrea Marques, MD, PhD, MPH
Fantastic, beautiful new mindfulness app @3rdiapp developed by a neuropsychologists; stunning and peaceful.
— Umber Bawa