Why 3rdi?

3rdi is designed to improve every aspect of your life (academic, social, performance, health & fitness) by helping you become more focused, alert, and centered. Through our short meditations, you will learn how to channel your potential more effectively. 

How 3rdi works:

3rdi combines mindfulness with neuropsychology to give you a simple yet powerful tool to improve performance, focus, and stamina while simultaneously reducing stress and anxiety. The app features 15 unique exercises that are divided into 3 levels: Cherry Tree, Pond, and Pagoda. As you complete levels you will gain prizes and XP for your avatar. However, you experience the real rewards in your every day life. 

What is mindfulness?

Far from trendy, the roots of mindfulness go back 2500 years. Today, it provides a great set of tools for living in a busy world. There are three main components: the first is to be more present. The more we focus on our current state, the less background noise we are likely to experience. Second, mindfulness helps us to be less reactive and reduce some of our knee-jerk reactions so we can explore a wider set of behavioral choices. Third, mindfulness is non-judgmental, meaning we can learn how our minds work without self-criticism - which matches our overall philosophy that no one is broken and no one needs fixing. 

How is 3rdi unique?

We explore mindfulness at progressively deeper levels of concentration. The first is to learn strategies to feel more calm and centered. Then we do more reflective exercises to look for patterns in our thinking. Finally, if you find an outdated mental habit or a trait you wish to alter, we learn how to adjust ourselves in a gentle, non-judgmental way. 3rdi guides you through this process.

Does mindfulness work?

We have posted several news and research articles that provide overwhelming evidence that meditation/mindfulness have tremendous benefits. You can also visit our review page. But perhaps most importantly, we have been mindful practitioners for over 30 years and we want to share these valuable tools with you. Welcome to the journey - we're glad you're here. 

3rdi's Mindfulness Coach, Scott Morgan, giving a lesson on mindfulness to an elementary class.

3rdi's Mindfulness Coach, Scott Morgan, giving a lesson on mindfulness to an elementary class.